Shipping Agency Representation

Capricorn Shipping (Pvt) Ltd., a sister company of Cargoserv, represents the Liner Shipping Services of Samudera Shipping Lines who are Regional Feeder Operators as well as Liner Operators.

Samudera services span across the entire Indian subcontinent, Asia and the Arabian Gulf regions.

The introduction of Samudera services in Sri Lanka opened new direct shipping routes both in the Indian Sub Continent and the Arabian Gulf.

Samudera Shipping routes from Colombo include:

  • Colombo - Fareast
  • Colombo - South East Asia
  • Colombo - Indian Sub Continent
  • Colombo - Arabian Gulf

In addition Cargoserv represents several other Shipping & Logistics Companies including the following:

  • Sinotrans Limited, China
  • PDZ Shipping, Malaysia
  • Shaghai Shipping, India
  • Federated Container Line Singapore
  • Avlon Containers Pvt Ltd, India
  • BEN Line Agencies, India